TDKC selected for award by International Trucks

TDKC selected for SAIC SSC project.

TDKC opens new corporate office in Fairborn, Ohio.

General (reserve) Norm Anderson joins TDKC.

TDKC awarded over $950,000 in AFRL R&D contracts.

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TDKC is currently leading a series of leading-edge research and development projects.  Our most recent efforts are highlighted below. 


Application of XTM and XFML to Individual and Organizational Modeling (AXIOM)

Our AXIOM project is researching the ability to accurately and rapidly compose cognitive models for individual entities, organizations, and teams.  We have established a theoretical basis for our approach that is drawn from the concepts of structural coupling, complex adaptive systems, knowledge as a network of storage, and composable entities.  Our modeling of human cognition is guided by our knowledge of cognitive processes and behaviors.  The AXIOM concept provides a flexible, standards-based cognitive modeling environment that significantly reduces the effort required to populate simulations and exercises with cognitive models.  The driving requirement for our AXIOM solution is the need to develop open, standard, web-based approaches to cognitive modeling, at multiple levels of abstraction, and to do so in a manner that renders the solution both human-understandable and machine-readable. We are currently developing integrated graphical and text representations to support the representation of knowledge in a concept space-based approach to intelligent systems.  We are modeling a defensive counterspace scenarios as part of the demonstration environment.


Satellite Threat Evaluation Environment Development (STEED)

Our STEED project includes defining an satellite threat evaluation architecture using a DoDAF approach.  To date we have developed detailed architecture components and used them to develop scenarios of use that embodied the requirements.  The scenarios were used to define work threads that generated an understanding of the job to be supported.  Spiral I of STEED Phase is integrating World Wind and Spacecraft, Planet, Instrument, C-matrix, and Events (SPICE) to provide a low-cost, open-source satellite visualization and situational awareness capability.  The result will be integrated with AFRL's Master Caution Panel (MCP) capability for the monitoring of the hardware for the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) The integrated STEED tools will be installed on microcomputers and delivered to the 50th Network Operating Group at Schriever AFB in second quarter 2006.  As part of this project we are also developing visualization techniques for the analysis of satellite telemetry data, and doing preliminary research into the development of intelligent agents to comprise a virtual battle staff to support all members of the Defensive Counter Space (DCS) team.


Mobile Air Traffic Control System (MCATS)

As part of this project we are developing innovative software to support forward deployed tactical operators who are responsible for aerial landings and air-strike management.  The system design includes links to tactical and information systems like GCSS, SATCOM, Link-16, JTIDS and others.  The client software includes an intelligent battle management tools that provides decision support tools to manage no-fly zones, hostile threats, mapping functions, team collaboration, blue force views, terrain visualization, other force management, and other data. During our next phase of this project we will be developing prototype software for a variety of ruggedized field devices and testing with operational data sets.